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Digital Marketing Research Solution

Target Your Market With Precision.

Success on the web now determines the viability of most businesses. While traditional market research, and even online research using traditional methods such as surveys are valuable, they are totally insufficient for today's digital business world. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  1. They do not address whether a business can financially compete in a market for certain products and services and easily leads to false signals of potential success (big reason why start-ups fail and stalwart companies are losing market share);
  2. They cannot provide vital pieces of marketing intelligence that are required in order to properly place, price, and promote a product or service;
  3. The number of steps involved in digital marketing and the extent required to reach consumers cannot be answered;
  4. They do not show a business how to execute their marketing online.

ROI IQ is unique in the research field for numerous reasons. We do not choose between market research and marketing research. Both are interwoven into our products and are derived from both real-time information and ongoing trends. We provide flexible, comprehensive analysis and strategies that cover all facets of the digital marketplace.

Businesses and investors want clear answers and recommendations, not just a bunch of spreadsheets. Whether you need to screen an opportunity, perform due diligence or have a complete marketing strategy developed focused on delivering the highest ROI, you have come to the right place.

We can also provide quarterly or annual industry analysis, client optimization strategies and perform special need projects. Below are some of our most appreciated areas of specialty.


Market Assessment

The digital market opportunity for each product or service is assessed. This is valuable tool when considering increased marketing spending, acquisitions, new product development, or venture/start-up investment. We perform detailed analysis that outlines overall market characteristics, such as growth trends, consumer demand, and consumer behavior. This works well as both an initial screening tool or as part of a comprehensive market discovery project.


Market Size & Potential

Regardless of whether your product or service is global, national, or local, we are able to evaluate the size of the market and profit potential. We evaluate different measurements for the value of owning top positions on search, as well as social media marketing, and paid media (e.g. PPC). Our goal is to show you what marketing channels hold the highest ROI potential with the lowest competition. With this information in hand, you can determine how to most effectively allocate your budget or even whether a market is worth pursuing altogether.


Thematic Keyword Siloing Research

Keyword selection plays a critical role in SEO, traffic, authority building and sales. Free or inexpensive keyword selection tools are inadequate given the competitive digital landscape. Our scientific process of keyword selection differs in three significant ways. First, we choose terms that you can afford to pursue based on your budget, rather than being misled by traffic alone. Second, we choose a complete set of terms that fit tightly around your products or services, not just random terms that are loosely connected. Third, we select keywords with a proven record of conversion that targets customers at the right point in the buying cycle.

Once keywords are selected, we group them in the correct order and also provide details into the estimated time and required level of content in order to achieve such rankings.


Customer Targeting

What does your customer look like? Where do they hang out? What content do they like? These are critical questions and make up the building blocks of your customer profile's DNA. We help you build or confirm whom the customer you are targeting looks like so you can tailor your message. This includes their demographic profile, such as age, ethnicity, education, marital status and income, as well as recommendations regarding where they congregate and the content that is being used by competitors to most effectively drive traffic to their website.


Competitor Analysis

What does your competition look like and how can you break past them? We will determine who your most challenging competitors really are online (can be different than offline). You will learn where their traffic comes from, their content strategies, which ad campaigns have the highest ROI, their best landing pages, and a lot more. This is a must if you want to leap past them and will save you an enormous amount of time, money and frustration.


Best-of-Breed Marketing Model

After we determine the leaders in a market we begin to break down their strategies and drivers of success. We then pull together the greatest points of strength for each competitor and create a Best-of-Breed Model. This can be used to drive your strategy.


Traffic Strategies

What do you need before you can generate sales? Traffic. We will recommend strategies that are working for competitors or are being ignored by current market participants. This can cover any number of areas, from organic search to social media, to content strategies to paid media.


Product Pricing & Positioning

We evaluate the offerings of your top competitors online and group their offerings based on pricing, differentiation, and customer comments and ratings. This paves the way for you to establish your unique selling positions (USPs) and carefully evaluate your pricing relative to competitors. Customer feedback is also amassed and we help to decipher those features and capabilities they value the most.


Growth Opportunities

In addition to the current products and services you offer, we can also recommend other areas of opportunity for growth, which could be upstream, downstream or lateral. We are able to analyze the search engine and paid traffic patterns of your target audience and determine what other products and services are of interest. Additionally, we triangulate this behavior against that of your competitors to validate possible profitability. So you will receive a list of recommended products or product areas for your consideration that can fit well within your strategy.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be a terrific strategy for most businesses. Like any marketing, it should be seen as an investment. We will provide you with recommendations on the best content rich, social media sites. Additional analysis will also be included that highlights what competitors are doing to grow their social engagement (e.g. activity, content types, promotions, etc.)


Content Marketing & Distribution Strategies

Your competitors are boosting their content marketing production because consumers, whether B2B or B2X, prefer being marketed to in this way rather (pull marketing) than through a sales oriented message (push marketing). The problem is, the number of distribution channels continues to grow. As such content distribution costs are now 4x the cost of content creation. We will provide you with a road map for how to gain a significant competitive advantage over your competitors by automating your content distribution and drastically lowering your marketing costs and increasing speed.


Market Solution Dynamics

Is your market actively seeking a solution to this problem? In most B2B and B2C markets, different dynamics exist that drive how you should approach your marketing. If people are actively seeking a solution, we develop the best strategy based for targeting them and providing you with a competitive edge. We use hundreds of different factors and indicators, such as search engine behavior, buyer intent, consumer behavior, content engagement and active discussions taking place around the web on top sites. If they are not seeking a solution, but you have evidence that they are open to solutions (e.g. through surveys), we will recommend how to become a successful market maker.

These scenarios affect marketing strategy and ultimate positioning. Markets with a high number of prospects actively seeking a solution require different activities than does a market with a large number of prospects that have a latent or unknown pain.


Market Trends

What are the trends in your industry and/or market? We evaluate both continuing and emerging trends and recommend marketing strategies to maximize them. This can include an industry shifting toward a new type of solution, and consumer preferences towards certain features. We can also evaluate non-products/services, such as political trends.



What's currently influencing your market? We investigate factors that are currently influencing your market that can impact your strategy. This can include new developments related to legislation, social trends and even new technological breakthroughs.


Decision Makers & Influencers

Who makes the ultimate decision to buy from you? B2B marketers often have to deal with multiple decision makers, or a team of decision makers and a number of influencers. This affects their overall marketing and sales strategy, as they often have to deliver different messages to different people within a company.