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Automated Outbound Marketing.

PixxFly is a unique software suite for individual business or agencies that introduces advanced automation to outbound marketing. Until now, businesses have had access to many software choices to manage their inbound marketing, such as email marketing, CRM, etc. Social media management tools only allow marketers to post links for content to a few sites, but only once the physical content has been posted by the user to sites like YouTube, Pinterest and more than 30 other top sites where customers gather.

Although much discussion has been paid to the cost of content creation, content distribution costs are now 4 times that of content creation. Additionally, there has been no way to automate the process of setting up all content performance tracking for ALL forms of content across ALL top media channels. Business owners and CMOs want to know what content on what sites are generating the traffic and sales, but haven't had a way to do it. PixxFly is the answer to both of these issues and more...

PixxFly is the first single click, fully automated content distribution and content performance tracking system. PixxFly delivers ALL your content in any format to 30+ top social and content rich platforms and shows you which content produced the greatest results across ALL marketing channels. Coupled with a suite of other integrated tools, this marketing platform is unlike anything else in the market.

This software is ideal for mid-size and larger businesses and agencies. Agencies can utilize our industry first content marketing CRM for multi-client support.


Video Search Engine

As video has emerged as the leading content medium, we have developed a great research tool that shows the top videos in your industry. In seconds you will see the most appreciated videos across YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest. You can use the focus of these videos as a guide in creating your next masterpiece, which will save you a lot of time and money. While this tool is video-centric, the topics and message delivery can be applied to any content format.


Content Distribution

This powerful automated content delivery system can distribute ALL your content to 30+ top social and content rich platforms. Automating your content distribution through PixxFly will reduce your content sharing time by 10,000%! In just a few simple steps, you can set up pre-scheduled marketing campaigns to post all of your blog posts, videos, images, infographics, press releases, etc. to your accounts on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Wordpress, Visual.ly, YouTube, Vimeo and many more.

Our content distribution engine also allows you to compound video's amazing conversion capability by creating multi-format, multi-channel marketing campaigns that leverage each video you create. Starting with a topic or message that is the focus of a video, each other piece of content such as images, infographics, podcasts, etc. can be used to drive traffic to your videos. This amazing strategy that we pioneered, called Video Apex Marketing, can produce 300%+ better results than doing video marketing alone and will blow your competition away. The best part is that it is completely automated through PixxFly.


Video In Press Release Distribution

In addition to distributing your content to 30+ top social and content rich platforms, we also have a multi-media press release system that reaches more than 2,500 top news sites and 30,000+ journalists. Create an interactive news story by embedding our customizable, multi-action video player along with images and links that promote action from your release. Multi-media releases can realize a 1,000%+ increase in the interest versus text alone.

PixxFly provides the effectives of complete content distribution for all content formats to the web's top destinations and the convenience of it from within easy to use system.


Content Performance Analytics

PixxFly is the first system that automates the entire process of tracking content's performance across all top social and content rich platforms. With existing analytics software, you cannot track the performance of your content on 3rd party sites; you can only see where your traffic originated. This still leaves unanswered questions about which content people really cared about, allowing you to refine your content creation strategies. You will know exactly which pieces of content drove the most traffic, garnered the most impressions, drove the most engagement, etc. Rather than create content and hope that it works, learn what really is working and where you or your team should be spending more time.

With our system you can compare content of the same format (e.g. video vs. video), different formats (video vs. infographic) and across different platforms (e.g. Facebook vs. Pinterest). PixxFly provides the more transparent insight into content effectiveness than any other analytics system.


Interactive, Multi-Action Video Player and Video Analytics

Video creates the potential for a highly interactive customer experience. Our video player was built to maximize this engagement and turn views into actions. The PixxFly multi-action player is highly dynamic, including more than 25 different plugins and timeline events that can be fully customized. This includes social popularity widgets, email opt-ins, buy now buttons, Google maps, coupons, QR codes and more.

Our analytics center will provide stats on the performance of each video published inside our player, from views and impressions all the way down to the individual plugin and timeline event level. This allows you to split test different configurations, which can be changes in just a few seconds. PixxFly's video player is the most capable in the market and plays well with other software tools, all browsers and on all devices.


Other Services, Features and Tools

PixxFly users get access to top quality, cost effective services such as digital marketing optimization through our sister company, Marketing Research Science, video creation done by our award winning production team, and consulting. We also provide a host of other valuable features such as proven video in email templates, research reports, and other recommended tools and resources that we test and endorse.